Eco Bottle

Pinot Grigio Eco Bottle

Light Bodied
The Eco-flat wine bottle is made from Australian-sourced 100% recycled PET plastic. The bottle is 84% lighter than a standard glass bottle. The thin profile means you can fit twice as many bottles in as standard sized wine case. This results in significant reduction in transport related emissions.
Light bodied
Full bodied
This Pinot Grigio has flavours of sweet soft pear and yellow peach with delicate rosewater accents. A textured palate with a clean, zesty finish. This pinot grigio pairs perfectly with the great outdoors. The Banrock Station eco-flat wine bottle makes sustainability effortless whilst offering ultimate consumer convenience. It's lighter for you to carry and lighter on the planet, fits perfectly in your bag, is easy to store in your fridge or esky, perfect for travelling, camping or glass-free events! Our new Eco bottles are made in collaboration with Packamama Wines. Available to purchase at First Choice and Liquourland in Australia only.

Made in Collaboration with Packamama